Sunday, June 16, 2013

Voluntary Euthanasia

For 20 years, I was a member of the Liberal Party, attempting to suggest new policy ideas or change existing policies. One issue that was always close to my heart was (and still is) voluntary euthanasia and, in the lead-up to the September 14 federal election, I can advise that I have joined a new political party - the VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA PARTY. With Australians living longer, many of us will face difficult times in our old age, not through a lack of finances - we baby boomers are the wealthiest cohort of Australians ever - but through the pain and suffering that we may experience as modern medicine keeps us alive while we battle diseases that would have killed us quickly a couple of generations ago.

If you believe in Australians being given a choice as to how and when they end their lives, please consider joining the Voluntary Euthanasia Party or at least voting for their candidates in the Senate.

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party was created to provide the choice and dignity that current legislation is denying the most vulnerable Australians. The party hopes to provide a clear political outlet for the overwhelming public support for voluntary euthanasia. Over four in five Australians are in favour of new legislation and we wish to allow that sentiment to be clearly demonstrated at the ballot box. The Voluntary Euthanasia Party aims to ensure dignity in the final years of life, by raising the profile of this issue in order to engender the necessary political will for change. 

 Party Policy

Like 85% of all Australians, we support the provision of medical procedures for the painless, assisted death of patients of a terminal or incurable illness, who are enduring unbearable suffering and who have expressed a desire for the procedures within appropriate legal safeguards. We believe that these patients deserve the right to make informed choices about the time and manner of their death through appropriate and humane medical assistance.

  Join The Party

This election we need to raise our voices and place voluntary euthanasia firmly on the election agenda. To achieve this, we are forming a political party to show politicians that Australians support voluntary euthanasia and we are willing to demonstrate this fact at the polls. Voluntary euthanasia has been off the radar at past elections as the major parties ignore the wishes of the vast majority of Australians. However, if enough of us raise our voices, tell our stories and show why this is important, we can change that. This is what our party stands to achieve. We will fight for these issues.

The Party's website address is where you can join or make donations.

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